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A little history of Cafe Racer Motorcycles

Posted by Jamie Norman on

Shockingly, the most influential movement of motorcycles in the world is the Cafe Racers. The Cafe Racer style which was born in late 1950’s on the streets of England is still loved around the globe. 

The term “Cafe Racer” was actually derived in London by those who used to consort Cafes and raced very fast; they usually kept on challenging each other to race faster on road to reach the next cafe destination. Most of the bikes used for cafe racing at this time were British bikes like BSA, Norton, Triumph and AJS; the strangest thing to notice is that none of these bikes were quick enough to actually reach 100mph, which is still the major objective of those riders to achieve 100 mph and then he can call himself the member of 'Ton Up Club'. To achieve this target, cafe racers usually need to modify some major parts of their bike which can help to gain more speed. To meet their needs, one of the popular British industries of motorcycle was developing advanced designs so that those cafe racers can upgrade their bikes. Even though it was an expensive hobby race lovers still added many traditional parts to upgrade their bikes and the evolution can be seen in present bike forms.

The design of cafe racer bikes must essentially have these parts: clip-on bars, a cafe racer seat, fibreglass, swept back pipes, large carburettors and aluminium gas tank. Basically, a cafe racer bike must be light but still powerful to achieve 100 mph effectively. Some other necessary parts of these motorcycles used to be elongated tank of fuel with concave depressions so that rider’s knees can grip the tank, a singles seat that had fairings on the rear end as well as low slung clip on bars. The narrow and lower bars helped riders to lie flat on the tank to avoid wind resistance. These racing events usually worked on rough roads of late 1950’s that you can’t compare with smooth roads of this era.

This trend was constantly followed by many bike riders and every time little modifications were opted to improve speed of bike. Slowly most of the countries started working on this concept and motorcycle manufacturers developed many technologies to improve structure of bike so that it can be comfortable to ride with enhanced speed. In modern times cafe racers are very popular due to their vintage look and desirable image but with new updated features. The most popular dealer of cafe racer parts in UK is http://www.caferacerparts.co.uk/ who serves all parts on reasonable price with quality service. Cafe racer terminology is now less used by people but today’s bike racing is actually evolved from it and developer of this creative bike racing technique will be always remembered by all ride lovers. This UK based online dealer of cafe racer parts serves quality products to many corners of world and is popular for fast and trustworthy services.

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